Eden is back online as of 02/18/2020.

Our website tools are currently down. Please check #annoucements on Discord for more information on connecting to Eden.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You will be watched from time to time by the active/hidden GM team that patrols and responds to reports for cheating.
  2. Like most online games, Eden will collect and store data from you such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, and other unique device identifiers to help curb cheating.
  3. You will follow the server rules listed below.
  4. You will not engage in any manner to profit from the work of SquareEnix or the Eden staff. This includes the selling of accounts, gil or items.
  5. These terms may change at any time. Each time you connect to Eden you are bound to the terms as they are posted here.

Listed here is a list of formal rules. It will be expanded upon and modified in the future so please stay as current as realistically possible with them. If you see someone breaking the rules, please do not report them in public forums like Discord. Either let them know they should stop, or call a GM using the in game Help Desk. Staff takes these reports seriously and we follow up on each one, but we do not want anybody shamed publicly for things they are simply suspected of. Once staff concludes if they are cheating or not, we will take appropriate action.

Regarding behavior: we don't have an all inclusive code of conduct manual for you to read so use common sense. If you are doing something that would have gotten you banned or in trouble on retail, it is more than likely against the rules here too. If you are doing inappropriate things that you wouldn't do to your friends--I would think twice about that too. Finally, if a GM asks you to stop a behavior--saying "it isn't in the rules" is not a valid excuse for ignoring the GM.

We give our GMs the responsibility to uphold rules in the essence of fair play as well as to ensure that other's play experience is not effected negatively, not all rules will be listed as some must be handled on a case by case basis, Our GM staff upholds communication between themselves in order to ensure a consistency in policy and has measures to ensure that this does not get abused, ALL GM requests must be upheld and if something is found to be wrong with a certain request it will be dealt with accordingly. In the event you feel a GM's judgement was off you may contact a council member via webform on the website tools

Expressed Rules
  1. Using a non-Eden bootloader--including using a modified version of the Eden bootloader--is NOT allowed. The bootloader must be downloaded from the official site or #annoucements channel in our official Discord otherwise there are no guarantees it is official.
  2. Until a technical solution is implemented; no more than 8 monsters may be intentionally gathered to kill at the same time.
  3. If something feels like it is broken, either not like it was on era retail or a potential exploit or too overpowered. (read: if something seems like it was not intentional from the development team) report it. Knowingly taking advantage of these activities is NOT allowed.
  4. Each player is only allowed to have 2 characters logged in and active, with an additional third character confined to a city and idle. This character may only be used to bazaar or mule items while your other characters are logged in. (This will not be locked down by IP, but it will be actively patrolled.) Tri-boxing 3 or more active characters is NOT allowed.
  5. Claim bots, modifying dats to claim, any type of targeting using mob id (such as /target 12345678) or using any other third party tools such as Shorthand or its Windower equivalent to claim is NOT allowed.
  6. Any scripts, bots, or addons that automate actions are NOT allowed. Macros using the /wait or <wait> feature within the game are OK. (Such as /lastsynth macros up to the game's maximum of 6 lines.)
  7. Account sharing is strongly discouraged and may be disallowed in the future. If one or more of your accounts are linked to a player that is caught cheating by either logging into an offending player's account or by that player logging into one of your accounts you will share the same punishment as the cheater--which is 9 out of 10 times a permanent ban.
  8. Not really a rule but be aware that players may be limited in the future to 3 characters. So create new ones at your own risk. It is undecided how additional characters would be handled if we imposed these limits.
  9. Using known bugs (including terrain) or unpatched exploits to your advantage in a way that would not be possible in retail. For example: purposefully crawling on walls to avoid aggro using the current navmesh’s bugs is NOT allowed. (Note: this does not mean people are exploiting because they are standing on walls. It is a normal reaction to be on a wall. But climbing through tight spaces without oils and powders without aggro is obviously a bug and you will be banned for it.)
  10. Testing known or possible exploits on the live server is not allowed unless permission is given from Godmode first. Like every other rule this includes GMs and developers too.
  11. Holding a monster for the purpose of grieving other players or monopolizing the time it spawns is NOT allowed (note that since determining a player's intent is highly subjective to the GM addressing the ticket, if asked to begin damage by a GM you must start fighting the monster within a reasonable amount of time or you will forfeit the claim)
    • Reasonable is up to the GM team's discretion.
    • Holding to recover from a wipe is allowed.
    • Intention to kill with reinforcements on the way isn't holding.
  12. Not so much a rule either but if you are aware of any non-era item/NM/recipe/et cetera please report it. And do expect the rewards obtained from it to be removed. I can't find every non-era thing at once but as I find them I will be removing them.
  13. Creating characters for the purpose of market manipulation is NOT allowed.
  14. Gardening is only allowed on up to 3 characters. (30 total plants.)
  15. Hacking/exploiting/cheating of any kind including but not limited to buying items and selling back for more than you paid for is NOT allowed.
  16. Spamming any public chat. (Linkshells and tells are the exception as they will only be subject to harassment reports.)
  17. Harassment of any kind including offensive character or linkshell names is NOT allowed.
  18. Character names that depict cheating, could be considered sexually explicit, or any names that could be disallowed on retail are NOT allowed.
  19. Use of or advertisement of any cheat program/addon or a non-approved addon/program on Eden or its media. There will be an allowed list and a non-allowed list. Those not in the approved list are discouraged from use as you may be penalized for using them. Use at your own risk. Those that are similar to a forbidden program are most likely forbidden as well.
  20. GM interaction is limited here but if a GM messages you in game and you are active, respond within a reasonable time. Ignoring a GM is likely to get you jailed as we will likely think you are afk botting.
Yell Rules
  1. Do not yell profanity, hate messages or any harassing statements. This is a global chat. Violating this rule may result in a character ban as well.
  2. Do not banter back and forth between yourselves. This includes replying in yell to someone who has violated the rules.
  3. Asking a legitimate FFXI question in yell is fine. Replies to questions should be sent in /tells, not in /yell.
  4. Yell rules may change from time to time. If this happens we will give at least a week's notice before we start enforcing the updated rules.
  5. Adding on irrelevant banter not related to the purpose of a yell. Example: “WTS pebbles also Godmode sux” is not allowed.
Approved third-party software (Ashita and its plugins are listed first but Windower and its addon/plugin alternative are allowed)
  1. Combat Parsers
  2. GearLock
  3. TPParty
  4. WatchEXP
  5. FPS
  6. Duration
  7. HideConsole
  8. Recast
  9. Timestamp
  10. Shorthand (only for actions on players -- NOT allowed for claiming)
  11. Renamer (only using the lists we provide -- NOT for custom naming of mobs)
Disallowed third-party software
  1. AuctionHelper / Auction House assistants
  2. Multisend / Servo
  3. Minimap and other map overlays that interact with the world (Show NPCs, players, etc)
  4. Allmaps
  5. Scripts ran unattended. (If a GM speaks to you and you do not reply within a certain time frame, you may be jailed.)
  6. Shorthand (when used to claim)
  7. LightLuggage
  8. Fishing/exp/healing bots or any other bots that automate player actions
  9. Claim tools or character enhancement tools like flee or warp hacks.
  10. WatchDog (or anything that gives you abilities you shouldn't have access to)

We want to promote a server that promotes teamwork first and foremost. Many of our development decisions including removing some quality of life enhancements are based on this tenant. We know some things can be annoying and time consuming but we feel like some of those things are unavoidable to provide a stronger feeling of community. Please report to the administration when you think there is something that we overlooked and would rather not have or rather have in the game.

While not a rule, we would like to see stronger players encouraging and helping newer and weaker players in the form of: inviting them into your experience point parties, sharing non-secret information about monsters and drops, and more. When more people feel welcomed to this server we will all prosper.

Discord Specific Rules
  1. Do not post any personal information (email, phone number, address etc). It will be deleted from the chat. If you need to pass on something personal send it via a PM.
  2. Do not discuss anything sexual, racist, defaming. Anything considered spamming or trolling will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Any future spamming or trolling will result in a ban.